Eyeglasses should be more than just someone filling your eyeglass prescription. At our office, Dr. Fruchtman will help you design a pair of eyeglasses that will meet the needs of your lifestyle. Whether they're to help you see the computer or to block out the glare of the sun, we have just the right answer to your problem. We provide our patients rimless glasses,as well as, drill mounted glasses. Our frame selection includes a wide variety of fashions and prices. The designer frames include Gucci, Valentino, Kate Spade, Claiborne, Christian Dior, Tag Heuer, Eyephorics, Nike and many more. From our economy line to our designer frames we will take the time to find the right frame for you.

We also carry the latest in lens technology. Big, thick lenses are a thing of the past. With new high index lenses, we are now able to reduce the weight and thickness of your lenses by as much as 30%. If you are bothered by night glare we can apply an anti-reflective coating to your lenses that will reduce unwanted internal reflections. This also makes the lenses cosmetically more appealing.

Progressive lenses are the most technologically advanced option available today for presbyopia (the inability to focus up close). They give you continuous uninterrupted vision for distance, reading, and everywhere in between. Your eyes make a smooth transition between vision zones, with no "jump" or distracting lines.

Total Eye Health

Our office is part of this community. We want you to have sharp vision and great comfort with your glasses and contact lenses. The health of your eyes is our major concern. That is why we stand behind our products and services with unique warranties, and a professional and well-educated team.

Different prescriptions require certain frame styles and lens treatments in order for your glasses to perform well and look great. Our trained opticians can guide you through this process. Our dispensary has hundreds of frames from which to choose, including a large selection of children's frames.

We can help you find the size, shape and color of frame that is perfect for all family members. When it comes to contact lenses we offer a full spectrum of the latest and best performing products. Even if you have been told before that you cannot wear lenses, we may have a solution that is right for you.

Competitive Pricing

At Ridgedale Family Eye Care we offer competitive pricing, affordable eyewear packages, and multiple pair savings. You are also welcome to take advantage of manufacturer rebate programs and special promotions through our office. Be sure to ask about our convenient contact lens direct shipping program.


Ridgedale Family Eye Care offers a wide selection of products in our office as well as through custom orders. We use only the highest quality materials and will courteously recommend eyewear and contact lenses that fit your lifestyle and fashion - all within your budget.


Our Unconditional Eyewear Warranty

All of our eyeglasses include a one-year limited warranty against breakage. If your glasses break for any reason, return the broken parts and your glasses will be repaired or replaced without cost to you.

Our Eyeware Warranty for Children Under 12

All children's eyeglasses are guranteed for the life of the prescription. We understand that children play hard and aren't as careful as we would like them to be. We want to alleviate parents concerns about their children breaking their glasses. Just bring in the broken parts and we will replace them, no problem!

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